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Tai Chi

About this event
Boost your physical and mental health with the centuries-old Chinese martial art, tai chi.

Tai chi is a moderate exercise comprising a series of flowing movements.

During the session, learn standing meditation, joint loosening exercise and two traditional tai chi movement routines to strengthen your mind and body.

Take time for yourself with a unique chance to learn or progress a skill in a beautiful and quiet outdoor setting at Kew. 

Beginners course

A six week course designed to provide an introduction to tai chi. With weekly sessions, participants will be taught the flowing sequence of the Yang style - 8 step, standing meditation, and joint loosening exercises. 

Intermediate course

A six week course designed to delve deeper into the practice of tai chi. 


More Information about Tai Chi

Greet the day amid beautiful surroundings with our weekly early morning Tai Chi session. Tai Chi is a graceful, non-competitive martial art that uses slow movement, focus, and deep breathing to promote fitness, good health, and balance - both physical and spiritual. Based on the principles of Yin and Yang, Tai Chi is peaceful and low-impact, making it suitable for adults of all ages and abilities.